Specialist Shop

In these pages we provide links to books on Amazon that we can recommend.   Obviously, we are making a small fee if you buy one of these books.  However, we are sure that you will like them as these are titles, that we have bought, read and used.  That is why there are not many books recommended here.  These are only the books that we can recommend.  Note that we like to think that our recommendations will have some value added as compared to just going on Amazon, as we are coming at this from the perspective of working analysts not involved in academia.  The books recommended below give a priority of intuition over mathematical proofs.  The techniques discussed on not necessarily the hot ones in the journals but the ones used on a day to day basis in business and government.

The first collection are econometric and statistics books that we use on a regular basis.  The second collection are books that have helped us grow in the field of program evaluation.  A third collection has been added on the trendy topic of “Big Data“.