Depending on the nature of the business, a logo can play a key role in establishing a presence on the market.  Many businesses will will already have  had a logo for many years before they think about establishing a web site.  In this case, the existing logs can be scanned in, or jpg files may already exist.  This would be done without additional charge when setting up the site.  However, it the firm does not have a logo, Hensky consulting would be happy to help develop a logo.  However, as the process is highly unpredictable, we would have to charge at the hourly rate $50.

What is involved in developing a logo?  Essentially a logo is graphical image that is immediately recognizable and associated with a given firm.  It should not be a complex image, as it should not take a great effort for the human brain to recognize.  For example, some of the most famous logos in the world, such as the one for Mercedes Benz, are immediately recognizable yet say very little.

What is a small business to do?  This is not an easy question.  For many firms such as a law firm or doctor’s office, it may be sufficient to simply use a firm name with a distinctive font.  If this is done consistently, it will create a certain degree of brand recognition that will take the place of a logo.  However, if you have a firm where business cards and signs play an important role, then a logo may be seen as essential.  In terms of web site, a logo is certainly not essential for a restaurant or a law firm.  However, they may be seen a plus in terms giving the firm a feeling of being established and solid.  This is particularly true for the very small icons that appear on the tabs of the browser.  If a potential client is comparing firms, they will naturally favor the small logos, known as favicons when they are looking at their browser.

logo creation hensky

Sample logo

The level of effort necessary to develop a logo is highly variable.  In fact a client could download a free package such as GIMP and develop one themselves.  However, Hensky could develop one for the client with a very modest level of effort. The logo for the Tasty Food Restaurant is an example of a “quick and dirty” logo.  The name of an imaginary restaurant was simply imposed on a geometric shape that resembles a table mat.  This was done in a professional package, Adobe Illustrator with very level effort.  Not only is this package very easy to use, once it has been mastered, the logo could be easily used in many different situations because Illustrator stores the image as a sequence of mathematical formulas.  Thus the logo could be used for the creation of the menus, or the sign out front with very little effort.

However, the example was chosen on purpose to illustrate the point that the choice of logo is more than just a technical issue.  The Tasty Food restaurant is obviously targeting a particular market niche.  If one saw a restaurant logo such as this, the expectation would be that it would be very family oriented and traditional.  If the restaurant intended to be more exotic and fashionable, there would need to be a search for a different logo.  The word “search” is chosen deliberately.  If Hensky were to design a logo for you, we would charge by the hour providing different versions of the logo, in reaction to your feedback.  As some point, there would be that “click” when you would see the icon for you.

In terms of the web site, the favicon may be more important.  You should see at the top of this page, the gold H for HenskyConsulting.  This little icon should make it easy to flip to our page as you consider your options.  This icon is developed in Adobe Illustrator as well and saved to a highly specialized file format.  Typically, these favicons are like ours with one letter of symbol, that echo the overall logo of the company.  Here again, there would be a “search” for the optimal.