Additional Web Services

The quote of $500 is relatively low considering the amount of time and the complexity of the task.  In order to contain the costs, there are some features that we would have to charge more for.  Theses are:

  • On going maintenance –  If the site has any kind of detailed information, it is only a matter of time before it needs to be updated.  It is for this reason, that in our best case scenario, we offer to give you the password so that you can do minor updates.  Thus if you want to change the Sunday hours on your web site, it is not a problem.  However, we also know that the reason that a lot of you will engage us is that you simply do not want to focus your mind in the direction of computer software.  It is for this reason that we can offer various arrangements for the occasional update to your database.
  • Membership Lists – Some potential clients manage clubs or organizations where memberships are available.  The low cost solution is for the potential member to email the club manager.  With the email, the manager manually enter the data into a spread sheet and communicate with members through email lists.  This process can be automated with a database system on the server.  This can save time but it will cost money.  We in fact will have to pay the ISP for this.  This options would be only worthwhile if the club is very large.