Report Design

Reports are the lifeblood of decisions in modern business.  Decision makers need to be able access information about their business without having to wait or wonder if the numbers are accurate.  We understand your problem and how through time it is natural for organizations to lose some degree of control of their report generating systems.  It is only natural that definitions of variables in database, and regular staff does not have time document what they done in a fashion that someone else can understand.  If you have ever been in a meeting and asked where a specific number came from and no one knew, you are not alone.

At Hensky Consulting we will be able to do what your staff does not have time to do.  In very little time:

  • We will look at your reports with fresh eyes and see those mistakes that go unnoticed.
  • We will independently verify those complex calculations, so that you can rest assured that they are correct.
  • We will write documentation that a new employee can understand, if you need that report written by someone who has suddenly left your firm.