Process Optimization and Automation

Your data if life and changing every hour of the business day.  As a decision maker you need to know what is happening now, not last month.  When reports are automated and debugged, all you have to do is push the button and a new set of tables will appear on your network and tell you what is happening now.

That is is the vision. How do you get there?

Automation of reports is the answer. This is easier said then done. The secret is consistency and vision.  At Hensky we can help take you there.  We have experience in the following platforms that are popular among smaller business:

  • Linked Spreadsheets – For most this is where it all begins.  We have the experience to avoid the pitfalls with this approach.  We can also help you untangle a mess left after several years of employee turnover in your IT department.
  • Access Database – Access allows for intelligent use of report templates that allows you to update your reports as new information comes in.
  • STATA or R tables – Statistics and database theory form a powerful combination.  Both STATA and R also have powerful documenting facilities that allow help files and advanced version control techniques to be applied to database management.  Such tables can be linked directly into most word processing documents.  See our table_tutorial on R  to develop a sense as to our approach.
  • Python routines can be written to grab data off the web