Privacy Policy for Hensky Consulting

This page is a statement of principles that govern the use of individual based data by Hensky Consulting.  Although a general practice Hensky will follow the rules governing the use of the data  provided by the supplier, this statement provides the minimum conditions imposed by Hensky Consulting on itself.  These principles apply equally for survey data as well as data obtain from Social Media, administrative data, and web scraping.

  1. Hensky Consulting will be governed by the laws of Canada as well as those of the country from which the data are obtained.
  2. Hensky will use the data in manner that will cause no harm to the data provider.
  3. Data will only be used that is understood by the individuals to be in the public domain.
  4. Unless clearly directed, Hensky will not use data originating from individuals under the age of 18.
  5. Hensky will not use fields that the individual may not have directly provided consent for its use.
  6. The data will be never used in such a way as to target individuals without their consent.  The studies done by Hensky are statistical in nature, with the goal of identifying broader trends.